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Our most anticipated games from 2022 Summer events

Shaun M Jooste


The Summer Games Fest 2022 and related events have come and gone, and we’ve had a taste of all the upcoming titles for the next year. In case you missed it, we presented a list of all the PC and mobile games announced this past month.

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We’re excited about so many top selected titles on that list, but we decided to narrow down the most anticipated ones in this detailed article. Bear with us as we provide a short overview of each one.

Our most anticipated games from 2022 Summer events

Games from the 2022 Summer events we’re excited about

Street Fighter 6

The new title in the series has many gamers excited, with a new visual style and a few more combos to enjoy. Street Fighter 6 is set for release in 2023, but CAPCOM has already released a few teasers. The latest one from the Summer Games Fest 2022 revealed that Guile is making a return, heading the lineup with the likes of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke. 

Street Fighter 6 DOWNLOAD

The Callisto Protocol

Science Fiction and horror usually go well together, as we’ve seen from the Aliens movies and games. As another interesting mixture, you’re on a Jupiter moon in a maximum-security prison when your fellow inmates start mutating. Imaging Resident Evil meets Jailbreak.

The Callisto Protocol DOWNLOAD

FlashBack 2

The Morphs are back, the aliens that threatened humankind in the first game 30 years ago. Conrad is back in Flashback 2, with his allies by his side. You’ll still have similar sidescrolling platform mechanics, but the visuals have been updated with 3D environments. 

Marvel Midnight Suns

The mother of demons has arrived on Earth, vowing to destroy the planet. When Lilith possesses Venom, you know all hell is about to break loose. You play as a demon hunter, gathering superheroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine to fight by your side and defend all that you love.

Midnight Fight Express

The criminal underworld is about to take over the city unless you can do something about it. Midnight Fight Express features Babyface as the main character, alerted to the upcoming danger by a drone. The game has a top-down perspective, and you’ll need to battle your way through every level until you can prevent complete disaster.

One Piece Odyssey

Are you ready for an epic RPG adventure with plenty of action? One Piece Odyssey is an upcoming Bandai Namco title where you and your crew become stranded on an island after a storm. While meeting the locals and finding resources, you need to make your way back to sea by completing tasks.

Gotham Knights

From Marvel to DC. Meet a world where Batman dies, and the city of Gotham succumbs to the scum of the streets again. Following in the Dark Knight’s footsteps, the Gotham Knights decide to take their city back and protect the residents. Featured characters include Nightwing, Batgirl, the new Robin, and Red Hood.

Gotham Knights DOWNLOAD

The Last of Us Part I

It’s been a few years since we embarked on the original game when it came to console. During the latest Summer Games Fest 2022, the developers finally announced that a remake is in progress. What’s more, it will be coming to PC with updated graphics and gameplay elements. Hopefully, we’ll see it on Xbox Games Pass, too.

The Last of Us Part I DOWNLOAD
Our most anticipated games from 2022 Summer events

Forza Motorsport

While Forza Horizon focuses more on street racing, Forza Motorsport will take to the tracks in 2023. Some of the advanced features teased during the Summer Games Fest 2022 included better vehicle physics, a more realistic time of day, and new pit mechanics. You can also expect breathtaking visuals and effects.

Minecraft Legends

This brand is expanding more and more into other genres. What started as a sandbox crafting game will become an RTS feature with Minecraft Legends. The Piglins are attacking, and you and your friends need to join forces to craft buildings and defend against these villainous mobs. 

Minecraft Legends DOWNLOAD


Xbox Games Studios has gone in an interesting direction with Pentiment. You play in medieval times, with a 2D side view and well-designed scenes. There are mysteries you need to solve, specifically murders occurring over a 25-year period. The visuals play out like a graphic novel, so expect a lot of reading.

Diablo IV

Out of all the games discussed at the Summer Games events, this one from Blizzard is the one I enjoyed the most. Diablo Immortal may be feeding our appetites for now, but I can’t wait for the release of Diablo IV. We’re heading back to the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary, where we once again need to face the hordes of hell to stop the prince of darkness from winning.


Persona 5 Royal

While Persona 5 Royal released for consoles in 2019, it’s finally coming to PC in October later this year. It’s a massive expansion on the original 2017 title, so you can expect better visuals, gameplay, and characters. You’ll also be able to customize your very own Thieves Den!


ARK: Survival Evolved is still an incredible game to this day, so you can imagine how excited we are about the launch of ARK 2 in 2023. It will feature Vin Diesel as one of the main characters, so we’re sure he’ll be fast and furious on the T-Rexes.  I can’t wait to see how the graphics and gameplay will be, as well as which dinosaur species we’ll be able to tame.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Are you ready to join Hornet on a new adventure in this sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong? You’ll travel to a new world where danger awaits you at every turn. The game features a cartoon art style with 2D platform mechanics, and you’ll have to face more than 150 enemies along the way.

Hollow Knight: Silksong DOWNLOAD

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Despite being another 2D platform game, this 2023 title looks outstanding so far. The visual effects of the weather and environment are gorgeous. As far as the plot goes, you’ll need to investigate clues and battle enemies while searching for a cult causing murders. Can you stop them from performing their rituals?

F1 Manager 2022

Having just won the F1 2021 championship on PlayStation, I can’t wait for the release of F1 2022 at the end of June 2022. However, F1 Manager 2022 is expected in August later this year, and I’m wondering if I should wait. The teaser shows more car performance and statistical options, while the gameplay looks outstanding. It’s the first time I’ll be torn between two F1 games.

Honkai StarRail

You may know the developers miHoYo from the incredible anime game, Genshin Impact. The company is back with a bang with Honkai StarRail coming to PC and mobile devices. It’s a tactical fighting game where you’ll need to create teams to take on the monster hordes attacking your home.

Honkai - Starrail DOWNLOAD


The Lunar Base has gone quiet, and scientists on Earth want to know why. You head on a mission to discover what happened when you realize you’re not alone. As you investigate the base further, you’ll need to find innovative ways to escape and survive against an enemy that views you as the actual threat to its existence.

games from 2022 Summer events 2

High On Life

An alien drug cartel has started using humans as a new narcotic, but you aren’t having that on your watch. While trying to save the day in this FPS action-comedy adventure game, the weapons actually talk to you when you’re not gunning down your enemies. Some of them don’t have nice things to say.

High on Life DOWNLOAD

The Queen’s Gambit

Fans of the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit will know Beth as the ultimate chess player. If you ever felt that you may be able to beat her, you’ll be able to prove it with one of the upcoming Netflix Games. There’s a stunning 3D environment where Beth will show you the ropes and teach you some tricks, but can you trust her?

games from 2022 Summer events 3

Money Heist

Here’s another Netflix Games title that’s based on one of its shows. While there’s not much information about it as yet, we’re guessing you’ll play as the team holding people hostage during a bank heist. It will be interesting to see if you can play as the Professor or any of the famous characters. 

games from 2022 Summer events 4

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

The final Netflix Games title worth mentioning is Reigns: Three Kingdoms. It has a mixture of tile and card games as you fight against factions in the Han Dynasty. It mainly uses a swiping mechanic, even on PC, while there will be plenty of mini-games.

games from 2022 Summer events 5

Monster Hunter Rise SunBreak

A new Monster Hunter adventure arrives on June 30, 2022. CAPCOM has so much new content in this DLC, but you’ll need the base game installed if you want to enjoy the new adventure. There will be deeper character development, and you can be sure of plenty more monsters to hunt and battle.


The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games have kept us busy for many decades. We’ve been fans of these Bethesda titles for so long that it’s exciting to finally see a new universe. You’ll travel to new galaxies among the stars as you make your own story on your missions. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what planets and stars will be available.

Starfield DOWNLOAD

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