PC gamers are loving this Steam update

Patrick Devaney


It is no exaggeration to say that Steam has revolutionized PC gaming. The gaming platform makes life easier by centralizing everything PC gamers need such as full games, official DLCs, and unofficial mods. There is always room for improvement, however, and PC gamers are loving this minor tweak as it makes their lives even easier. Let’s check it out.

Steam Download Now

At the moment, whenever a game is available for free on Steam you have to essentially begin downloading and installing it to add it to your library. This means you have to wait until it is installing and then hit cancel if you don’t want to download it right there and then. This is all changing, however, with a small update that will make a big difference.

PC gamers are loving this Steam update

To address this, admittedly minor, annoyance, Valve has added a new Add to Library button, which now gives users the chance to quickly and easily add free titles to their gaming collections. The same thing also applies to DLC too, with the new Add to Library button also giving users the chance to avoid all the unwanted and unnecessary messing around.

It is funny how such a minor tweak can result in such positive praise, as has happened here. It does make you wonder why Valve didn’t introduce the update much sooner when gamers have been complaining about the overly complicated method for adding free stuff to your Steam library.

On the other hand, though, was having to cancel a download or halt an installation ever really a big deal? Maybe it took Valve so long to get to the fix because they had more important things to do in the meantime? Perhaps, Steam has made things too easy for PC Gamers who don’t even realize they have been complaining about getting free stuff on a platform that has made life easier for them than it has ever been before. Let’s leave that there though, as that whole point is a discussion for another time.

In other Steam news, the PC gaming platform has recently added support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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