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Our top selection of games from Summer Fest 2022

Shaun M Jooste


We’re still living in the gaming ecstasy that was the Summer Games Fest 2022 and all it had to offer. While E3 may no longer be around, we still got to see all the upcoming PC, console, and mobile titles from top and indie game developers. The list is rich, but there are a few that we’re really excited about playing when they launch.

You guessed it. You’re about to embark with us on a journey of our top selection of games from the Summer Fest 2022 presentations. These are the titles that really stood out, setting our gaming hearts on fire.

Our top selection of games from Summer Fest 2022
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Our most anticipated games from Summer Fest 2022


There’s no way that Bethesda’s Starfield wasn’t going to be on the top of the list. We’ve been waiting an incredibly long time for it. Well, short in the world of gaming. No Man’s Sky was a great fix for us science fiction gamers, giving us a chance to explore galaxies and claim planets and moons. 

However, Starfield will be taking us on an entirely new journey. After Elder Scrolls and Fallout, it’s the first time in 25 years that Bethesda has created a brand new universe. In this one, you’ll travel among the stars for a galactic adventure you’ve never seen before.

Starfield DOWNLOAD

Hollow Knight: Silksong

The first Hollow Knight game is one that many Twitch streamers have been playing. It’s massively popular, and now we have the sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong under development. The game has a 2D side-scrolling platform interface, the journey taking you through several levels. 

You’ll play as Hornet who’ll battle enemies and overcome obstacles on each stage. The background scenes are absolutely stunning from what we’ve seen in the gameplay previews. You’ll also be able to ride monstrous creatures, which we can’t wait to try when the game launches. The best part is that it’s also coming to PC on Xbox Games Pass.

Hollow Knight: Hillsong DOWNLOAD

Diablo IV

While many gamers may easily have grown tired of the seasonal grinding during Diablo 3, I’m not one of them. Diablo Immortal recently appeared for mobile and PC, and we’ve been laying waste to demons while we await Diablo IV. Blizzard Entertainment keeps teasing us with news and classes, but we’re dying to get our hands on this epic dark fantasy RPG.

Two classes make a return in Diablo IV. We haven’t seen the Rogue class since Diablo 1 and 2, while they replaced the Druid with the Witch Doctor in Diablo 3. I’m eager to tap into my wolf and crow abilities again when we return to Sanctuary in the neverending war between the High Heavens and Burning Hells.


The Callisto Protocol

With my head stuck in Bethesda and Blizzard gaming, The Callisto Protocol announcement by Krafton at Summer Games Fest 2022 caught me by surprise. It’s named after Jupiter’s moon, which is where you’re headed for this science fiction thriller. You’ll face horrific creatures as you try to escape the maximum security prison that the moon is known for.

There’s hand-to-hand combat as well as ranged weapons you’ll learn to master. With your fellow inmates turning into vicious monsters, how long will you be able to survive against them? You’ll also see an interesting mix of story within a terrifying environment, similar to how Dead Space was.

The Callisto Protocol DOWNLOAD

FlashBack 2

We haven’t seen any games in this series since the first one appeared 30 years ago. While Flashback 2 holds the same platform gameplay, there are more 3D environments that weren’t possible to create back then. The best part is that it continues the story in this sequel.

Conrad and his allies defeated the Death Tower in the first Flashback game. While victorious, it seems as if the Morphs are back with their alien attacks. The main plot revolves around Conrad investigating the disappearance of his friend, Ian. 

Minecraft Legends

We’ve had quite a few variations of Minecraft already. There was the interactive story mode, the crafting game spread across various platforms, and we had the massive Realms release. Now, we have an action-strategy game called Minecraft Legends in the works. 

The new title introduces the Piglins, and it’s up to you and your allies to save the Overworld. You’ll see gorgeous biomes, and it looks like crafting will still be an available feature. However, the main focus will be on defending against these new invaders with your friends.

Minecraft Legends DOWNLOAD


Who doesn’t love a detailed visual novel game with RPG elements? Well, many gamers, but Pentiment might sway you towards trying one if you haven’t before. It has 16th century elements, which means you can expect gore, slander, and various nefarious activities.

There’s plenty of dialogue you’ll have to work through, but the consequences of your decisions is the pivotal game mechanic. You’ll start by selecting a profession, and there are several RPG aspects in the 2D game. The main premise is investigate several murders that happened over 25 years. 

Midnight Fight Express

In the mood for an action-blazing top-down criminal-empire takeover game? That mouthful is the summary of Midnight Fight Express. You play as Babyface, someone who used to be involved with the underworld gangs. While you’re glad to finally be out, a drone draws you back in so you can save the city.

There are tools and weapons all around you as you take down crime lords and minions. While you’re blazing away and knocking down enemies, it will feel like you’re in an action movie. Can you handle the heat?

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

It wouldn’t be a decent murder mystery if there wasn’t bloodshed and mayhem. The Last Case of Benedict Fox showcases the detective searching an old mansion where he finds the owners dead and their daughter missing. The side-scrolling adventure horror game leads you on a trail of the family demons, uncovering their darkest secrets.

Much like Silent Hill, each location takes you deeper into the murdered victims’ minds while you solve puzzles. You’ll find weapons along the way, and you’ll use these to overcome the demonic enemies. They’ll do everything they can to stop you from discovering the truth.

Money Heist

The Money Heist series was incredibly popular on Netflix. I remember watching every season in English with bated breath, wondering what would happen next. Well, it seems like Netflix Games is now making a game out of it, and we should see it appear shortly.

While not much is known at this point, they also announced nine other games. We assume it will follow the storyline from the series, where a group of robbers hold a bank hostage and things go wrong. It will be interesting to see how Money Heist plays out and what mechanics it will have.

Money Heist Netflix Games Summer Games Fest 2022

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