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The ultimate games platform from Valve

Steam is a platform for online games that lets you download the latest from the world of video games as they are released – an indispensable tool adopted by many publishers. This means there's no hacking and lower prices for games like Call of Duty, Skyrim and Football Manager.

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  • Tik Tok movements

    by Tik Tok movements

    this is rubbish this is not working in my computer and not register my accounts

  • Nhật Nam Đoàn

    by Nhật Nam Đoàn

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  • Dominik Tősér

    by Dominik Tősér


  • Dominik Tősér

    by Dominik Tősér

    avast is bad i not have avast free Antivirus program is no too bad but bad

  • Rokas Dašenkovas

    by Rokas Dašenkovas

    Yes because there are lots of games. You can buy games but you can also download it for free it is amazing all my friends has it and finally I have it too.

  • Har Dryv

    by Har Dryv

    solid / as expected. solid / as expected. solid / as expected. solid / as expected. solid / as expected.

  • Ruben Hattingh

    by Ruben Hattingh

    Yes its really cool i have so many games now. recommend it? Why?

  • Chloe Saunders

    by Chloe Saunders

    it help me to get stere out and when someone is bulling you steam help me to for get the bulling and move on

  • 21 cover

    by 21 cover

    best but not download i cant download how i can down load it my cs:go dont start

  • Fire Star

    by Fire Star


  • Geoff Marks

    by Geoff Marks

    great site and mo'dern game play. a excellent games and role playing game i enjoy steam games and this site

  • Paige Watson

    by Paige Watson

    IDK.. I don't know about it,even though you can download games,but i cant use it. Pros: downloading. playing. Cons: nothing

  • ivikTV

    by ivikTV

    4 stars. The best app for games ever. But sometimes it have problems becouse steam dont have orientally things. Pros: i like on christmas alot free games. Cons: more safe downloading an not more programs on screen

  • by Anonymous

    Zero customer service. Zero customer service !!!!! these mugs will sell you something you could of got for free if you look around, then update it with a poor patch that stops the game working. When you inquire about their support you are given a link to microsoft/game developer which has another hard to find link to a dead email. You then have to create a second account with steam to create your More

  • by Anonymous

    Run Away. Steam is an excellent concept, and when it works it is wonderful. However it probably the worst system I have ever had to use, endless problems, very little support, poor value for money and overall one of the most painful experiences of my online life.

  • by Anonymous

    Worst customer service Ever. Valves steam service is the worst customer service experience i have ever had! this is the email i sent them regarding the problem i was having: "i cannot login to your website. I've created an account confirmed my email but i still can't login. I change my password and enter the funny letters and numbers and it all verify correctly but i still can't login. IMore

  • by Anonymous

    It's a head ache! . Steam was a huge head ache. We purchased a game and it didn't download completely. The link was there but nothing happened when we clicked on it. I checked the computer's hard drive and the game showed up but wasn't taking any space. I checked our computer again to see if it was possibly blocking the download, nothing was detected! Here's the thing, there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICEMore

  • by Anonymous

    Total lack of concern for customers suffering problems with Steam.. A nightmare! Customer service is non existent as you're sent around in circles, getting nowhere, but unable to get a simple dialogue to explain the problem. Pros: Nothing. Cons: The ability to get a simple message about the problem to a person. Have characters that can be read when verifying that customer is human!

  • by Anonymous

    cool. free steam walite code IIII

  • by Anonymous

    Steam is not worth the time and money. First they do not tell all requirements (wire connection needed, not wireless ) to download their games. Second, Very little help to activate CD key. In my case I purchased a CD key for Thief 4 at half price from a second party and upon activation, it would take 30-48 hours to download. I was not told when I created the account that I would need a wire internMore

  • by Anonymous

    customer service lacking. I removed steam from my pc for selling games that don't work, then refuse to give a refund. Not to mention you purhcase the game and if it doesn't work it takes an incredibly long time for them to respond to you and it usually is more or less, tough tookies..Their customer service has lots to be desired. I ask now b4 I purchase a game, and if steam is required, I DONT BUYMore

  • by Anonymous

    BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES - BE WARNED. It seems Steam does not care about their customers. I bought a game, it didn't work. The developer couldn't help and said to get a refund from Steam. Steam refused. When I disputed the credit card charge they stopped the functionality on the account. So my 10 year old can not play his games as usual. Steam took money for a game that doesn't work, won't give it bMore

  • by Anonymous

    Avoid at all cost.. Sold a me a game that did not work / kept crashing. My computer me all the specs and more and they refused to give me a refund. Scammers. Avoid at all cost. Pros: none. Cons: Customer service. Any consumer rights

  • by Anonymous

    STEAM owns the rights to your games. Steam is hopeless i purchased the Gaul pack for Rome 2 and the game has never played since.I emailed Steam Support who took forever to respond and when they did they could did repair the problem."Great". I then tried deleting Rome 2 completely from my P/C and Steam. Then opened a new steam account and tried to re install Rome 2 onto my new steMore

  • by Anonymous

    tops for steam. steam is ok no problem so far will recommend it to my friends for their pc,s. Pros: for downloads and games. Cons: the games improvement would help a lot

  • by Anonymous

    Expensive and bad support. Really lousy support.. wouldn't recommend using this service to anyone. On top of that, unless you buy from a special discount deal their products are often overpriced compared to physical stores. Pros: You can download at once after buying. Cons: Support. Prices

  • by Anonymous

    i like this!. this is a great game that ive ever play before!..good keep up the goodwork steam...

  • by Anonymous

    NO TO STEAM. This is a disgrace. Companies like steam and valve abuse consumer rights.They opperate on the fringes of legallity and should not be allowed to exist. They are contributing to the spread of piracy throughout the pc community.Steam software also attracts and encourages very serious malware infections.Developer have also noted that the so called updates are nothing more than unauthorizeMore

  • by Anonymous

    This Panda THUMBS UP!. RaidoShackStoneMan thinks that this community is pro! We got all kind of pro gamers here working on hot games including my favorite, Skyrim! Where else can you connect with the pro-est gamers, developers, fans, testers and so much more to come! Pros: The ability to mod, and get something back, in more than one way! To make a stand for something right, and have a good communiMore

  • by Anonymous

    Rude staff and no customer service at all. Summary - Really rude and not willing to help in any way at all. I purchased some items and completed the order as normal. Literally minutes after I purchased the items (before even downloading it) they put the stuff on a 66% discount. I actually saw the items at this discounted rate while making my purchase. With the stuff in my basket already I guess thMore